BitKing exchange will start trading sometimes between end of April~May,
we will inform you when the date is confirmed.

BitKing originally was planning to issue their own exchange token
but it has decided to adopt JOBCOIN as its exchange token because they both have a philanthropic vision.

JC will have an IEO on May 8th and will be listed on May 17th at Coinbene
(There was an announcement of postponement on April 18th)
one of the leading exchange in the industry.

When using JC as a deposit/collateral,users will be able to trade up to x200.

By sending JC tokens as a deposit/collateral to a wallet in BitKing,by April 24th,
The user will be able to receive 30% bonus in 6 months and 50% bonus in one year.
Further details will be announced.

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