BGC will hold an initial exchange offering (IEO)

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The IEO date on BitKing exchange:
BGC will hold an initial exchange offering (IEO) through BitKing exchange.

July 17th,17:00,2019- July 18th,23:00,2019 (UTC+13)
Price per 1 BGC:
  • BTC:0.00005845
  • ETH:0.00278199
  • BCH:0.00195319
  • XRP:1.85323
  • ADA:10.8841
  • XLM:7.10823
  • NEO:0.0509731
  • LTC:0.00699122
  • BNB:0.0216962
Periods of lock up:
  • One month from the listing date
About BitGain project

account address:
  • BTC:1Hdf7i8ZyfkH9X28LpDUgbRnkiU74gZoKp
  • ETH:0x27567d4Ab7eE0202C362469FaF43228f523923e7
  • BCH:qzm8pn043wlct3k37ky4gl2tsaw0gduktvv2k2t55j
  • XRP:rp2akmu6JWUjtJzhsyHYVaXhMoECV4dcQG
  • NEO:AbVkxKifq27851awySTEziobF59VU9Zc2q
  • LTC:LMcFN63zzSJ6yPfbBfMTryLcRJ8bWke8AW
  • BNB:bnb1jhqr46s09e5yyevnf3ssnkdl9xpu8kkgkcussj

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